OMBC Series “Race to the Hills” at Lake Hope
Posted on: 24 Jun 2022

OMBC "Race to the Hills" at Lake Hope will be altering the race route due to storm damage on the Wildcat Trail. All racers will complete the Novice loop: Copperhead to Bobcat to the 4-way and back on Copperhead. Experts will complete 3 laps, sport 2 laps, and novice 1 lap. Each lap is approximately 9 miles. 

Due to a personal health issue, our Vendor, Holy Guacamole, informed us that he will be unable to be here. Please remember to bring food for yourself and the kiddos. The only dining option at Lake Hope is at the lodge which has a great menu that includes smoked meats and fire roasted pizza.  

Please do not call the race director. Cell service is poor to nonexistent so do not expect a return call. Any changes to the race are announced publicly on our website, social media pages, and via direct email sent to registered racers on bikereg. 

There is a chance of thunderstorms on Sunday but we expect they will likely occur in the late afternoon so the race is ON. Safe Travels.  

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