Mohican 100 Trail Run – General Info
Posted on: 27 Oct 2012


Mohican Trail 100 Start 2010

Mohican Trail 100 Start 2010

The Mohican Trail 100, 50, Marathon: General Information




Sponsors: University Hospital Event Medicine, Hammer Nutrition, Great Lakes Brewing, Darn Tough Socks, General RV of Akron, Mansfield Running Club, Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, Cleveland Foot and Ankle Institute, Northeast Ohio Running Club, Cleveland West Roadrunners Club, Mohican Adventures 

31st Annual Mohican Trail Run postponed to October 31-November 1, packet pickup on October 30. 

Great Experience
"This was my first 50 miler Ultra Race and what a breathtaking course. I live in SF and was nervous about the weather that could have been on race day but it turned out better than I could have asked for. It is hilly and but that’s to be expected. I’d recommend this race for anyone."
Top Tips:
Make sure to grab snack at the side stations. You may not be hungry right when passes but it good to keep snack on hand.
Julianne O'Hara
San Francisco, California

Review for Mohican 100 Mile, 50 Mile and Marathon Runs in Loudonville, Ohio
50 mile
"This was a wonderfully organized race with super friendly volunteers. The aid stations had a plethora of snacks and healthy choices. It made the race even more enjoyable. Thanks everyone"
Top Tips:
No tips needed keep up the good work
Ashley Cearbaugh
Etna-Troy, Indiana

Review for Mohican 100 Mile, 50 Mile and Marathon Runs in Loudonville, Ohio
Great tough race
"This race is truly a hike through the Ohio wilderness. A lot hillier than any other race I have done in Ohio and despite not having any super long climbs, is pretty comparable to some other races I've done out west. Felt like this whole race was up and down in varying degrees of incline."
Top Tips:
Prepare yourself, the aid stations are a little far apart in the second half of the loop.
Eric Geyer
Cleveland, Ohio

Review for Mohican 100 Mile, 50 Mile and Marathon Runs in Loudonville, Ohio
Fabulous Trail Race
"The Mohican was an amazing experience! The trails were absolutely gorgeous, even in the torrential downpour that came during the night. The course was marked well and the aid stations were well stocked and volunteers were so encouraging and supportive. I loved the hot chocolate and potato soup during the night! The medical team and podiatrist team at the finish line were incredible and took the best care of you. Definitely a repeat race!"
Top Tips:
The weather changes quickly. Bring extra clothes
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2019 Video Highlights by

2019 Mohican Trail Run Photos by Butch Phillips Photography 

2018 Richland News Coverage

2018 Mohican Trail Run Photos by Butch Phillips Photography

 2017 Mohican Trail Run Photos by Butch Phillips Photography

 2017 Video highlights by Trail Hound Collective

2016Video highlights from this year's Mohican 100 presented by Trail Hound Collective


Mohican 100 Story of Redemption by Jonathan Flores


First Time Mohican 50 Runner Experience


2020 Friday night MEAL OFFER: Trailsend Pizza, located directly across the street from packet pickup/finish line will be offering an ALL YOU CAN EAT PASTA for just $8.99 that includes side salad. OR Runners can choose a dish of pasta with garlic bread for just $6.99.  No advance purchase required since runners often choose to eat along the way or bring their own foods. This offer is available to all runners, families and crews.  

pending: UTMB has selected the 2020 Mohican Trail Run 100 is a qualifier for the UTMB for 2021. On the basis of their assessment (of course length, climb, loops, and refreshment stops) ITRA awarded 5 points. 

Western States has selected the 2020 Mohican 100 as a qualifying race for the 2021 Western States 100. Any runner who completes the race within the time limit will be qualified to apply for the lottery, which will be held in December 2020.

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  Mohican 100 mile run: 5AM

  Mohican 50 mile run:   6AM

  Mohican Marathon:    TBA

Race Start Location: Mohican State Park located .8 miles south of Mohican Adventures on SR3 where packet pickup and Race Finish is located.  Park in Mountain Bike Parking area, walk under SR3 bridge to race start.

Packet Pick-up and Race Finish LOCATION: Mohican Adventures located just one mile from Loudonville on State Route 3 South. Location is directly across from the Mohican Adventures Campground. No parking here on Saturday. Please follow parking signage to available parking lots.

Mohican Adventures Upper Parking lot location

Loudonville Old Wally Road Parking Area location



For 30 years, The Mohican Trail 100 Mile Run, often referred to as the MO100, has become one of the nation’s premier ultra-marathons. Home of the first ever USATF Ultra Running Championship in 2005, Mohican is reportedly the fifth oldest ultra-running race in the USA.

Traverse 95% Trail along a challenging course winding its way through the lush 5000 acre Mohican Memorial State Forest. Along with the 100, The Mohican 50-Mile and Marathon distances have become increasingly popular, offering runners a taste of the whole enchilada. Rest assured is that whatever distance you choose, Mohican volunteers will be there to help you complete your journey.

Ask a Mohican finisher and you will find that Mohican volunteers have become re-known for the level of  personal service offered to MO’s hopeful runners. As you run, you will be following in the foot-steps of many legendary MO Runners who have taken the Mohican Challenge, including famed Caballo Blanco of the national bestseller “Born to Run” who completed the Mohican 50 as one of the final races in his much celebrated life journey. Take the first step toward your Mohican journey by entering or volunteering today!   

Mohican is also the second stop of the sixth annual Midwest Grand Slam

Whether you are an experienced ultra-marathoner or just looking for your first off-road Marathon, 50 mile or 100 mile race, MO should be on YOUR Must-Do list.


REGISTRATION: Updated for the new race date of October 31-November 1

Online Registration Closes: Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 9pm ET

After online registration closes, racers can still register through Friday at packet pickup at Mohican Adventures

 Mohican Marathon racers can register until Saturday morning

 TEN TIME FINISHERS: All 10 time 100 mile finishers and race winners receive complimentary race entry.

  Simply email to receive your personal registration code.

Registration Fees:

  All registration cut offs end at 9pm on the date specified using Eastern Standard Time.

100 Mile Race

  $175 before January 1 / $200 before March 1 / $225 before October 18 / $250 after October 18

50 Mile Race

  $95 before January 1 / $115 before March 1 / $135 before October 18 / $150 after October 18

Mohican Marathon

  $75 before January 1 / $85 before March 1/ $95 before October 18/ $125 after October 18

REFUND POLICY: Half of the registration fee can be refunded until May 15 (Changed to June 13). No refunds will be made after May 15. For a refund, please send an email to Registration Director, Amy Kaylor, at .

TRANSFER POLICY: Racers can transfer their race registration by sending an email with complete information to There is a $15 transfer fee for administration costs.

SWITCHING from 100 mile to 50 mile or Marathon: Because racers often do not know how their bodies will perform until just before race day, switching to a shorter distance is allowed. There is no refund of the difference in entry fee. You must let us know at packet pickup. No race day changes allowed. Please do not email or call to switch distances.

COMP Policy: Complimentary entries awarded to race winners, aid station captains, and all others expire within one year and can only be used for the year following the award. Complimentary entries cannot be used several years after they awarded.

LATE REGISTRATION: After online registration closes 100 mile and 50 mile racers can only register at the race on Friday, June 19. Mohican Marathon racers can register on Saturday morning, June 20, Registration begins at 6am. No registration for the 50 or 100 mile races will be available on Saturday morning.


  • Cash Awards for top finishers plus prizes (see below)
  • 100-MILE BUCKLE: Runners who complete the 100 mile course within the 32 hour time limit earn a custom Mohican 100 Mile Buckle.
  • 50+ FINISHERS MEDAL: Runners who do not finish the full 100 but complete at least 50 miles will receive a Custom Mohican 50+ Finishers Medal.
  • 1000 MILE BUCKLE: Runners who complete ten Mohican 100 races earn the Custom 1000 mile TEN TIME FINISHERS BUCKLE upon ten completions of the Mohican 100 mile race.
  • 50 MILE FINISHERS MEDAL: Runners who complete the 50 mile race receive a 50 mile finisher’s medal.
  • MARATHON FINISHERS MEDAL: Runners who complete the Mohican Marathon will receive a Mohican Marathon finisher’s medal.
  • LAST OF THE MOHICANS: The last person who finishes the 100 mile race within the 32 hour time limit receives a special “Last of the Mohicans” award. While the award itself varies from year to year, the theme references Indians, forest animals, eagles, etc. These are standard awards. Cash and prizes will be awarded as well.

CASH AWARDS CHART: Race Winners also receive complimentary entry for 2020 race


Men: 200, 100, 80, 60, 50 

Women: 200, 100, 80, 60, 50

50 Mile:

Men: 400, 300, 200, 100, 80

Women: 400, 300, 200, 100, 80

100 Mile:

Men: 600, 400, 300, 200, 100

Women: 600, 400, 300, 200, 100

2015 Results, Photos, Video Highlights

Mohican Trail 100, 50 and Marathon Results (use tabs)

Mohican Trail 100 Mini Movie

Mohican Trail 100 Photos

 ABC Channel 7 News Video Documentary Feature: Tattoo Tom Mitchell, inspired by and in support of the StillBrave Childhood Cancer Foundation raises $86,000 and completes the Mohican Trail 100, receiving a special "Last of the Mohican's" award. 

2014 Photos by Butch Phillips Photography

2014 Photos by Daniella Colombo-Dougovito