Race Season Details
Posted on: 29 Aug 2012

Founded in 1998, the Ohio Series has served thousands of unique racers offering friendly competition along the most challenging courses Ohio has to offer.  



Average Race Distance by Class

20-30 miles           Pro/Expert, Masters 40+ Open, Single Speed 10-15 miles Sport and Clydesdale 5-8 miles Novice/Beginner


OMBC Series Race Entry Fees

$35 online registration *, $40 Race Day Registration

Novice ages 8-11 and 12-14 years old: $10* online Registration, $15 Race Day Registration

Kids Races for 10 and Under: FREE

*OMBC Number Plates: There is a one-time $5 refundable deposit for a special issue OMBC number plate. The number plate can be used all season, kept as a momento, or turned in for a refund at the end of the race, or the end of the season. If you plan on entering other OMBC races, having your own race plate throughout the season will save you valuable time at registration.


OMBC Ultra events

The Mohican MTB100 offers pre-registration through www.bikereg.com

Mohican Trail 100, 50 mile, and Marathon Run offers pre-registration at www.runreg.com



The process of registration is simple and will not take long. At registration on your first race day, please check out all the information on your existing registration card, or, if you have never raced with OMBC, fill out a new registration card with all requested information. Once completed, be sure to read the liability release on the back and sign at the bottom. If you are under 18, a parent or guardians signature is required. Bring your completed card to the registration table.

After you’ve turned in your completed registration card, you will receive a unique OMBC number plate. A $5 refundable deposit for the number plate is required at that time. Modification of your number plate could result in disqualification and your plate deposit will not be refunded.

You can turn in the number plate at the end of your race, end of the season, or even keep that same number for next season. Keeping it will further speed up your registration at future events.


Registration Procedures

Online Registration: Save time and $ by pre-registering online at bikereg.com. Once you register online and pick up your OMBC number plate, you can avoid registration lines and head directly to the race start.

Race Day Registration:

When do I register? The first OMBC managed race is at Mohican State Park will be your first opportunity to fill out a series registration form and receive an OMBC number plate. You can also fill out a series registration form at any of the following OMBC races.

Once registered, you will only need to locate your registration card in an alphabetical arranged card box located at registration for each race. Bring that card to the registration table and confirm that all of the information is correct, including your checked race division. If you would like to move to a different division, have a change in address, etc. this is the time to update that information. Now you are ready for express registration, needing only to locate your registration card and pay an entry fee for each race you enter.

Express Registration: Once you are registered and have an OMBC number plate you can take advantage of a speedier registration process. Simply locate the registration card you already filled out. If you are making any changes, mark your card and alert registration staff of the change. Then bring the card up to the registration table and pay an entry fee. It’s that simple. It’s called express because racers who have existing cards on file and a number plate move to the express line which moves much quicker so you have more time to prepare.

DUAL POINTS RACES: As part of an opportunity to share in competition with the Great State of West Virginia, Two OMBC races in will feature dual points. Racers earn OMBC Ohio Race Series points and WVMBA West Virginia Race Series Points

OMBC#1 Challenge at Mountwood managed by the WVMBA Race Series

OMBC#6 “Race to the Hill’s” at Lake Hope State Park managed by the OMBC Race Series



All classes will receive race day recognition at every event, regardless of the number of racers in your respective class. All classes will receive series points. However, five or more racers are required to form a division for race day prizes. If there are less than five racers in your division, you will be grouped with the nearest division for race day prizes. Cash awards not picked up on race day can be picked up at any OMBC Series race. However, All Prize table awards must be picked up on race day only.


Pro/Expert and Sport Classes only


Direct Links:

OMBCPayout 2017.xls



Pro/Expert Class receives 100% cash payback based on $20 or cash award can be traded for prize table awards.

Masters Open 40+ Expert receives 85% cash payback based on $20 or cash award can be traded for prize table awards. Expert level racers that are 40+ have the option of racing with the younger Pro/Experts for the Series Expert Title or for the Masters Open title. Each racer must specify which class they choose at registration and points are not transferable. If you are 40 and no choice is specified, you will automatically be registered in the Masters Open 40+ Class.

Sport Class receives 50% cash payback based on $20 entry or cash award can be traded for prize table awards.

Novice Class receives prize table awards about 1/3 deep. First place in each division receives first pick of the awards table from each division, then second place, third place and deeper if announced. Racers must pick up awards at the race. Awards will not be shipped or held over for future races.

Women's Classes: Pro/Expert, Sport, Novice

Clydesdale Classes (200 lbs & up): Sport Class

Single Speed Open: Expert and Sport Class. Must be 5 or more for race day awards.


OMBC Race Series Categories 


Pro/Expert Long Distance Course

Pro/Expert Women’s Open

Pro/Expert Men's Open

Pro/Expert Single Speed

Pro/Expert Men's 40+



Sport Mid Distance Course

Sport Women’s Open

Sport Men’s Open

Sport Single Speed

Sport Clydesdale

Sport 30-39 Veteran

Sport 40-49 Master

Sport 50-59 Grand Master

Sport 60+ Grand Master

Sport 70+ Legends



Beginner Short Distance Course

Novice Women’s Open

Novice Men’s Open

Novice Youth 12-14

Novice Youth 8-11



Registration age is racer's age as of December 31 of the current year.

There must be at least 5 to form an age division for each event. If there are less than 5, racers will be grouped with the next higher age group. However, all division winners who complete the minimum required number of races will be recognized for year-end awards.



OMBC Kids' races are for kids 12 and under

RACE Entry: FREE although a $5 donation is appreciated

2018 new expanded KIDS RACE Schedule

April 8 WVMBA/OMBC Challenge at Mountwood

May 12 Vultures Knob in Wooster

July 29 OMBC  "Race to the Hills" at Lake Hope State Park

August 12 OMBC  "Ravenna Roots" at Westbranch State Park

August 26 OMBC  "Dillon Rocks" at Dillon State Park

September 9 OMBC  "Ride the Ridge" at Chestnut Ridge Metro Park

September 15 OMBC "Race to the Roost" at Camp Tuscazoar


Kids Age divisions:






Kids Race Distances are typically less than a mile for kids aged 3-6 and less than 3 miles for kids 7-10.

Kid’s races are not eligible for series points. Kids aged 3-4 parents must approve the course and are encouraged to ride with their young racers.

Parents: Kids courses are designed to be age appropriate and as visible as possible. The intention is to introduce kids to racing fun. All finishers, but only finishers, will receive an OMBC finisher medal. Age division winners may also receive other awards or trophies. For safety, there is an adult leader and a sweep rider for each age division. Parents are encouraged to participate by offering to help as a course marshal or helping as a lead or sweep for an age division.

If you would like to volunteer to help: email Ryan O'Dell at n nolimit@mohican.net

EARN OMBC Ohio Race Series POINTS: OMBC Employs a lowest points wins scoring system

To respond to racers requesting a more simple, easy to understand scoring system, Beginning in 2014, OMBC is adopted a "lowest points" scoring system that is based strictly on finish placings rather than finish times. First place equals one point, second place equals two points, third place equals three points and so on. The lowest five scores will be your total points. Complete at least 5 races within a division to become eligible for Series Awards. You can Improve your standing by entering as many races as possible, replacing high scores with low scores to obtain the highest ranking in your division.

Movement Between Classes once the season begins:

Under a lowest points scoring system, If a racer decides to move to a different division during the race season, points earned in one division cannot be recognized in another division.

If moving down from a higher class such as expert to sport, points cannot be carried down, which, in effect, means you will forfeit those points in the division you are leaving. Racers then begin earning points in their newly chosen division.

If moving up to a higher class, your points can no longer be carried up, for example, from novice to sport and from sport to expert, which, in effect, means you will forfeit those points in the division you are leaving. Racers then begin earning points in their newly chosen division.

Lateral moves are allowed. However, under the "lowest points wins" system,  lateral moves within a class, such as moving from Sport Senior to Sport Clydesdale or for example, from Expert Single Speed to Pro/Expert, still results in forfeiture of points within the division you are leaving. In a lateral move, Racers then begin earning points in their newly chosen division.

Sport and Novice Division winners are required to move up to a higher class the following season.

Earning Race Series Points:

Overall points –XC Champions in all 18 divisions awarded

Best 5 of 11 races count for 2018, The final OMBC Championship race at the Mohican Forest Race on Saturday, October 20 will serve as a tie breaker.

TIES: All ties will be broken at the Championship race but all racers are welcome to attend, even if you have not raced the entire year.

If you cannot attend the final championship race, you will not be disqualified from earning series standings or awards as long as five races have been completed within your division. However, in the event of a tie in the point series, the racer who finishes highest at the Championship race will edge out the racer who finishes in a lower position or a racer who does not attend or complete the championship race.


OMBC Ohio Race Series Awards:

Series awards will take place at the post-season Award Banquet at Mohican Adventures, October 20. Entry to the OMBC awards banquet is free and all racers, family and friends are welcome to attend.

Only XC racers who have completed at least 5 of 11 series are eligible for OMBC Series recognition and awards. However, All OMBC racers are invited to attend and are eligible for door prizes.

  • OMBC Division Champions in the Pro/Expert Division receive a minimum of $500 cash in 2017. Award chart and depth to be announced here.
  • Pro/Expert Men's and Pro/Expert Women's, Masters 40+ and Single speed Champions competing at Pro/Expert distance will receive series cash awards
  • All Expert Class Division winners earn complimentary entry into all OMBC managed series events for the following race season valued at $385.
  • All Sport and Novice level qualified racers will receive prizes courtesy of OMBC sponsors.
  • Sport Class Division Champions will receive 5 complimentary races for the following race season valued at $175 plus prizes.
  • Novice Class Division Champions will receive 3 complimentary races valued at $105 for the following race season plus prizes.

All qualified racers will receive a personalized OMBC award as recognition of your race season.