Tecumseh’s Revenge at Scioto Trails State Park
Posted on: 15 Apr 2014
Tecumseh's Revenge at Scioto Trails
Annie's Race
Sunday May 7, 2017 at High NOON 
Annie's Race: Annie Rooney was integral in the development of the Tecumseh's Revenge race and an avid OMBC Series Racer. Just three year's ago, tragically, she was struck by a drunk driver who took her life. For everyone who was privileged to have known her, Annie's warm smile, enthusiasm for life and all things mountain biking inspired us. At Scioto Trails, we celebrate her life and the race she brought to the OMBC Race Series.
Race Description:
Tecumseh's Revenge is entering its fourth year with the Ohio Series. Like last year, it will continue to be Fast and Furious. Not to be confused with the botched US Government Operation that put hundreds of guns in the hands of criminals, THIS Fast and Furious will entice you with speedy down hills then hit you with a reality check as Tecumseh unleashes his mighty fury in the form of lung busting climbs.
Who was Tecumseh and why should I fear his revenge?
From: http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/on/fortgeorge/edu/edua3.aspx
Tecumseh was born in 1768 and was a Shawnee warrior chief who with his brother, the Prophet (Tenskwatawa), attempted to stop the advance of white settlement into the Old Northwest. Tecumseh believed that Indians must return to traditional ways, that they must forget intertribal rivalries and confederate, and that individual tribes must not sell land that all Indians held in common. In 1809 tribes in the Indiana Territory ceded much of their land to the United States. Tecumseh protested in vain to Governor William Henry Harrison. In the fall of 1811 he determined to carry his message to the Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Creek, He went south, leaving his
brother in charge at Prophet's Town, near Tippecanoe Creek, a utopian village where the Indians were to practice Tecumseh's principles. Before going, Tecumseh warned his brother not to attack Harrison's nearby forces. The Prophet ignored the warning and attacked. The Battle of Tippecanoe was not a clear cut American victory, but Prophet's Town was destroyed and Indian resistance
broken. After Tecumseh's return, he joined the British against the Americans in the War of 1812. His support for Isaac Brock at the capture of Detroit was decisive. Before the British approach, Tecumseh's warriors showed themselves in a never-ending line to the Americans. The warriors at the head of the line doubled back to join the end of the line and it appeared to General Hull that he was besieged by a massive force of Indians. This manoeuvre convinced Hull to surrender to avoid a massacre. As a brigadier general,
Tecumseh led over 2,000 warriors. He fought at the sieges of Fort Meigs, and Fort Stephenson, and his last battle was the Battle of the Thames at Chatham Ontario, where, clothed in traditional Indian deerskin garments, he was killed leading his warriors in a final stand against the invading Americans.
Will your team make a stand?
No Whiners allowed! For Tecumseh will have HIS revenge this day!
Race Info:
The race will begin and end on the airstrip. There is little cover afforded in the event of rain or severe conditions so arrive prepared in case Tecumseh decides to turn it up a notch. Registration is fast and easy. Simply locate your registration card from the alphabetical card file and bring it to the registration table. If you have never, ever, ever, competed at an OMBC Series race, you have been missing out. Fortunately, blank entry forms will be available so you can make up for lost time.

Post-race vittles will be provided by Aunt Jean so be on your best behavior.
Aunt Jean's Menu choices include turkey chili, cheesy potato soup, ham or turkey sandwiches, fresh fruit, and homemade
Registration: Race Day Registration Begins at 10am,
Online Registration will open soon

Online Entry Fee: All Divisions $35, Novice Junior High and High School just $10

Race Day Entry Fee: All Divisions $40, Novice Junior High and High School just $15

Race Begins at High NOON
Park Description:
Scioto trails park and Forrest comprise nearly 10,000 acres with two lakes for fishing, hiking, biking, and camping. The land was used as an artillery range during the World War I era. However, we ask that you do not bring your WW1 artillery to the race.
2016 GPX
Trail Description:
The course is non-technical with three significant climbs. The course starts at the old airport. Look out for whiskers. You will ride the airport loop trail clockwise (.75 mile), across the old airfield to fire road 5 (climb #1) aid station is at the top of the road (mile 4.2), descent of south ridge trail on left to bottom of the three tier beast (climb #2), follow the ridge trail over to Wilson road, right on fire
road 7 to aid station (mile 6.7). Due to logging project, the Estep Hollow trail is closed. The course will continue straight by the aid station, then will turn down the C-9 trail around and over to the Black Forest trail and on to the finish. One lap is 9.7 miles. There is a 0.3 out and back section from the start/finish line to the loop. Therefore Novice distance is 10.3 miles, Sport 20 miles, Expert 29.7 miles.
Race Distances:
Beginner divisions 1 lap (10.3 miles)
Sport divisions 2 laps (20 miles)
Expert divisions 3 laps (29.7 miles)
1213.9 feet of climbing per lap
Trails are not very tight or twisty in most places, just the places that count, so there are plenty of places for passing OR being passed.

Scioto Trail State Park
144 Lake Road
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
Googlemaps Link

Driving directions:
From the North (Columbus, Michigan, Canada, North Pole etc.): Take 23 south past the Chillicothe exits to the top of divide hill watch for Smokey the bear and Scioto Trail sign on your left. Turn left here. Follow the park road past the fire tower, lake, camping areas, and park and forest headquarters to airport road on your right (across from red fire station building), take the first road on your left across wooden bridge to parking area. We may place a few parking signs in case your coffee hasn't fully kicked in by the time you arrive.
From the South (Portsmouth, Florida, Mexico, Antarctica etc.): Take 23 headed north past Waverly to the top of divide hill to park entrance. Smokey the bear sign on your right then same as above. Remember Smokey Says, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires!"
There are camping sites available at the park both primitive and electric. Both have drop toilets and no showers. Hear Tecumseh's hearty LOL and shower when you get home.
Places to Visit:
Adena mansion and gardens (home of Ohio's first governor), Mound City archaeological site, and the historic downtown of Ohio's first capital.
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