Mohican Trail 100, 50, Marathon Frequently Asked Questions
Posted on: 31 Dec 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I retrieve my drop bags before Sunday morning?

YES. You and/or your crew etc. may go to the aid stations to pick up your drop bags after you have finished either race - or DNFed. This includes the drop bags that are at the Covered Bridge. While crews, etc. are not allowed anywhere near that aid station while the runner is still in the race, you and/or crew may drive past it just to pick up your drop bags. Drop bags will be returned to the campground on Sunday morning - this includes the 50 miler drop bags. Anyone who plans on going home before the end of the race for any reason (DNF, early finish, 50 mile runners) should pick up their drop bags themselves. Drop bags will not be mailed.

Will my drop bags be taken to the aid stations if I don't arrive until Saturday?

Drop bags will be loaded on the trucks Friday evening for early Saturday morning delivery to the aid stations. Please be sure to have your labeled drop bags at Mohican Adventures by 10pm on Friday. If, due to extenuating circumstances, you arrive later, the race will still make sure your bags reach the aid stations on time. There is no need to call to inquire.

May I change my registration distance: 50 to 100 or 100 to 50?

YES. However, packet pickup on Friday is your final opportunity to switch to a different race. You must register any change on Friday before you receive your race number. If you have registered for the 100 mile race and decide that you want to switch to the 50 mile or Marathon distance, you may do so before getting your packet.

Racer's switching from the Marathon to the 50, or 50 mile to the 100, will be required to pay the difference in entry fee.

Racers switching from the 100 to the 50 will not receive a refund of the difference in price. This is intended to allow switches but discourage a large volume of switches during packet pickup. The “name and bib number” list to be used at morning roll call will be printed out at the end of packet pickup. No race changes will be made on race day or during the race.

May I switch from 100 to 50 miles once the race is underway?

NO. The two races are distinct and independent. Also note that the 50 and 100 mile race have different colored bibs with distinct sets of numbers and the races start at different times due to growth. The decision to disallow switching from the 100 to the 50 mile race mid-race is to avoid confusing aid station help and the communications volunteers who are tracking runners for their safety.

However, a runner who registers for the 100 mile race may DNF at any aid station and will receive credit and recognition for any completed miles over 50. Runners who DNFs (did not finish), but have completed at least 50 miles, should first report to an aid station captain to announce your withdrawal from the race. All runners who make it at least 50 miles will receive a 50+ mile medal as a recognition of your achievement so you will also want to return to race headquarters to receive your award.

Are there any training runs for the race?

Mohican will announce any official training runs on the official Mohican Facebook page. Additionally, many runners train on various parts of the course frequently. Small groups of runners often use the Mohican 100 Facebook page to indicate their plans to run on various days – usually Saturdays and/or Sundays but sometimes midweek as well. Most will post their planned distance, location, meeting time and place. You are welcome to join them for all or part of the planned run. Sometimes water and other aid may be available. Some of those who list their training runs have finished Mohican multiple times. Others are still training for their first finish. It is a great idea to train with these runners. You can also post the dates you would be available to train on the Mohican trails. It is likely that someone familiar with the trails will be happy to run with you.

How is the course marked? Do I have to be concerned about getting off course?

Many runners have commented that Mohican is one of the best marked courses (“the best” according to some). The race course features 1 to 4 loops depending on which race you enter. See the map and course description document on this website for more info about these loops. Some of the permanent Carsonite trail posts have Mohican 100 markers about 10 inches below hiking or horse trail markers at the top of the posts. The Mohican marker is a 3” x 3” reflective white square with a black triangle, the words “MOHICAN TRAIL” in green above the triangle, three green trees on the triangle and the words “100 MILE RUN”. Just above the Mohican 100 marker is a colored, according to loop, reflective arrow indicating trail direction: straight ahead or turn. These stickers are also posted on the permanent signs along the mountain bike course that is included in the race. At all areas where permanent signage is not available, 12" x 12" Mohican 100 arrow signs will be added and/or lime arrows. The trail marking crew spends several days prior to the race to add lime arrows on the ground along the course. The trail marking crew checks on the course throughout the race adding/replacing markings as necessary. You must pay attention to the course markings especially at night. It is possible to wander off even the best marked course, especially in foggy, nighttime conditions, not unusual at Mohican. Sleep deprivation can also play role causing runner's to sometimes hallucinate and/or to miss course markings.

Do you have any recommendations for lodging?

See the Camping and Lodging document in the Race Information section of this website. Area motels frequently fill up rapidly so we recommend that you book lodging as soon as possible.

What type of weather should I expect during race weekend?

This is Ohio, mid-America. There is a saying here: “If you don’t like the weather, hang around a minute.” In June, you can expect almost anything except ice and snow.

Trails: Most of the course flows through shaded forest. However, there are some sections that include open sun. The forest trails can be shoe-sucking mud in places, baked mud hard as a rock, or just soft enough to pamper your feet.

Temperature: Some years have been sweltering with temperatures close to 100 degrees and very humid. Other years have been very pleasant in the 70s with a cool breeze. There have been thunderstorms, cooling drizzle, extremely strong winds, or stagnant air. Night may stay warm in the high 60s or drop down into the 30s. People who have gotten wet during the day have suffered from hypothermia at night.

Our Advice? Bring all types of clothing with you: change of shirts, socks and shoes; jackets, rain gear. When you see the weather forecast for the race days, you can decide what to wear throughout the race. However, be somewhat cynical about any forecast that you hear – it may change in a few hours. Have something warm at the finish line, especially if you plan on finishing before the sun warms the air. When you stop running you can chill rapidly. Family and crew also should have a variety of clothing available. Some family members were so cold one year that they bought sweaters at a local store. You can learn more about the weather in some of the previous years by reading the articles on this website about previous Mohican races.

What is the distance between the aid stations?

Aid Stations are located approximately 5 miles apart throughout each race course.

Which airports are close to Loudonville / Mohican area?

There are three major airports within 100 miles of Loudonville and the Mohican area.

CLE - Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is in a south west suburb of Cleveland which is north of Loudonville. It is very close to highway I71 which is a good route south towards Loudonville, exiting at the Ashland exit.

CMH - Port Columbus International Airport is south of Loudonville. It is very close to I270 which can be taken to I71 north towards Loudonville, exiting at highway 97 and traveling east to highway 3.

CAK - Akron Canton Regional Airport is north east of Loudonville. It is close to a major highway 30 which can be taken west to Wooster. Highway 3 can be picked up in Wooster and taken south into Loudonville. For more detailed directions to the start / finish of the race see Driving Directions under Race Information.

Where is the start/finish of the Mohican race located?

 Mohican Adventures located just one mile from Loudonville on State Route 3 South.

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What are the Mohican 100 mile records?

The overall and age group records for both men and women along with a list of those who have earned the 1000 mile 10 time finisher buckle are listed under the Results under "Previous Records"

Do I need a flashlight, headlamp, etc.?

If you are running the 100 miles, you definitely need a light source: flashlight, headlamp, etc. The forest trails have no lights. Even if you are out of the forest before night arrives, there are very few lighted areas on the roads back to the finish line. Be prepared with extra light source and batteries. You can have these in drop bags. If you have entered the 50 mile race, remember the race takes place during the summer solstice, the longest days of the year. The race starts at 5:00 AM. It will still be dark then but soon get lighter. You might want to carry a cheap flashlight that you can abandon at the first aid station after the sun comes up. You should be back at the campground by 8:00 PM well before dark falls. However, if you intend to stay around and walk in the area, e.g. to your campsite, a flashlight, etc. will make that easier. If you’ve done a lot of running in limited light, you may be able to omit your own light and just follow the lights of the other runners at the beginning of the race until the sun comes up.

Why has the course changed this year? I like the old course.

Which old course do you like? The original consisting of two identical loops with the 50 mile mark at the campground? The one containing that frustrating section where you were within yards of the Hickory Ridge Aid Station but on which you had to run another mile before you reached that station? The one where you ran along the road in order to reach the Grist Mill Aid Station? The course has been changed over a dozen times since the inception of the race. The Mohican Forest, Park, and surrounding areas are dynamic. New trails are built. Old trails are closed for various reasons. Bridges are destroyed or built. The trail master adjusts the trail to accommodate all these changes. The difficulty of the course remains relatively constant.

What Type of Shoes Should I Wear

The Mohican Trail 100 Run course includes sections of pavement, dirt road, and single track trail. The trail can range from muddy to dusty to rocky to rooted. As a result, you will see experienced runners wearing shoes ranging from light weight training shoes to hardcore trail shoes. Many people will take several pair of shoes and put them in drop bags to wear on different sections of the course. Other people might wear the same shoes throughout the entire race. Of course, weather plays a huge factor from year to year so the same runner may opt for a different shoe strategy from one year to the next. Obviously, the biggest factor in determine your shoe strategy is to figure out what works best for you. Questions like "what type of shoe is best for the Mohican Trail 100 Mile Run" will likely generate as many different answers as there are readers of your question. Please contact if you have additional questions.