Mohican 100 Mountain Bike Race – Frequently Asked Questions
Posted on: 27 Oct 2012


Q: If I register

online, do I need to mail my forest waiver form?

A: It is not necessary to mail the waiver, however, please print it out and bring it with you when you pick up your race packet Friday evening or you can fill one out when you arrive.

Q: Can I register on
the day of the event?

A: No. You must
register before Saturday. However, you can register at packet pickup on Friday. You can also pick up your packet Saturday morning if you are registered or have a team member pick up your packet for you. Packet pickup and Friday registration will be located at Mohican Adventures on State Rt. 3 in

Q: Where will the
race begin and end?

A: The event will
be staged from, and will finish at Mohican Adventures. At aid station 3, the race course splits.

100-milers will continue on to aid station 4 covering
portions of Holmes and Knox Counties for 30 miles before rejoining the 100k
Course toward aid station 5 and finish at Mohican Adventures.

100k racers will head toward toward
aid station 5. The race will finish at Mohican Adventures in Loudonville.

Q: Where is the best
place to camp?

A: First Choice?
Tent camping for a small fee is available at Mohican Adventures near packet
pickup and the race finish. There are also cabins and full hookups available
for RV's.

Tent and RV camping at Mohican State Park campground A is
just a couple of miles away from the race start and blocks away from the finish
at Mohican Adventures. Furnished cabins also available.
A paved trail leads from the park to Mohican Adventures and downtown
Loudonville along State Rt. 3.

Q: Will there be
restrooms near the start?

A: Yes, there are
public restrooms just a stone’s throw from the race start at Mohican Adventures

Q: How much of the
course is Singletrack?

A: There is more
than 40 miles of Singletrack. The remainder of the course consists of
doubletrack, dirt roads and less than 10% paved.

Q: Do you have a map
and/or course description available?

A: Maps:
 A large map will be available at packet pick-up on Friday evening. All registered racers will receive written course directions and other useful information via pre race email. 

Much of the course is located on private property as well as
"forbidden" horse trails. As a result, the only trails that can be
pre-ridden include the 25 mile loop at the Mohican State Park as well as the
first 4-5 miles of the Mohican Wilderness located just 11 miles from the park
( down Wally Road off of SR3.

Q: What about aid

A: There will be aid stations located approximately every 20-25 miles along the course. They will be staffed and stocked with food and water. Aid stations will have communications as well. 

Q: Will I be able to
send drop bags to aid stations?

A: Racers are permitted to have drops bags at aid stations 2, 3 and 4 (hundred milers only for aid 4). Racers can send lights to aid 5. Drop bags will be collected at race HQ, Mohican Adventures, at the start of the race and delivered to their respective aid station. Small Hydrapaks are allowed, however, ALL bags should be no larger than 2'x 2'and less than 5lbs. Zip lock storage bags will be provided at packet pickup. All drop bags should be clearly labeled with the racers name and race number. Since there will be aid stations providing a variety of food and water approx. every 25 miles, you should only need to include items that are not provided by aid stations. Typical items might include special foods or drink mixes, spare tubes, parts, tools, extra bike shorts/clothing, and lights for the last aid station. You can include anything you think you may need, provided that the bag is not oversized and it is clearly labeled. If you include items that are breakable, it is your responsibility to insure that breakable items are properly padded. Our Aid Captains and volunteers would prefer that you do not place liquids in your bottles. They are heavy and more likely to leak all over everyone’s bags. There will be plenty of water at the aid stations so you can simply place powder in your bottles. Once the aid stations are closed, all drop bags will be retrieved from the aid stations and delivered to the race finish area. Racers can pick them up the next morning as well.

DROP BAGS and/or contents WILL NOT BE
MAILED so please remember to pick them up after the race.

Q: Will I be able to
finish at night if I have lights?

A: Due to the numerous trails and previous difficulties with racers getting lost in the dark piney woods of the Mohican State Forest, there will be a cut off time of 8pm at aid station 5, the final aid station. Racers are permitted to use a lighting system. However, no racer will be allowed to continue after this final cut off. This is for your own safety.

Q: Can I switch from
the 100mile to the 100k or vice versa?

A: Yes, However, it needs to be done no later than packet pickup on Friday evening. No switching will be allowed on the morning of the event or during the race.

Q: Will there be
shuttles in the morning to the race start in Loudonville?

A: No. The race start in downtown Loudonville is only 1 mile from race headquarters and race finish at Mohican Adventures. A paved bike path along SR3 connects the race finish to the downtown start area.

Q: Where can I get
dinner on Friday?

A: There are several nearby restaurants in the downtown area and along SR3,
McDonald's on State Rt. 3 is now open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday. Other restaurants include Pizza Hut and Trails End Pizza that is a sports bar within walking distance of race HQ, both are on SR3. Subway and Taco Bell are located on Main Street. A favorite Local watering hole and sports bar, Beano's Buckeye Ballroom, downtown
near the light, serves Burgers and sandwiches. The Black Fork Bistro just opened in 2020 downtown that serves a variety of foods and draft brews. 

Q: What tires do you

A: if it’s a dry race, you can get away with light tread at Mohican. We recommend the Kenda Karma, Kenda Small Block Eight, Kenda Saber or Kenda Booster Pro. The SB Eight is lightweight and has excellent rolling resistance on the gravel roads and dry trails! Kenda Karma and Saber are both good choices for wet or dry conditions...also light weight. Looking for a sturdy lightweight tire with exceptional sidewall protection from Mohican Rock Gardens? If so, we recommend the Kenda Booster Pro, the newest tire in the Kenda line up. 

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