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Mohican Wilderness Race
Posted on: 21 Mar 2014

The Season Opener Race at Mohican Cabins is ON! Food is not included for this race. However, All you can drink Great Lakes Brew is included so be sure to bring your favorite mug.Our food vendor will be Smokin' Bro's offering BBQ Chicken and Ribs. this is the same great vendor that came out for the Championship race last year so bring a few doll hairs. Their prices are reasonable and the food is amazing.

Trail conditions are mostly dry, streams are clearly more full, and the ground is soft in the field areas. Rock Garden is OUT and we will only be using the large loop for the second sport lap and the second and third expert lap. Short loop is out to avoid a wet field above the trail head. Kenda Karma or Nevegals are both good choices for tires.

NEW Scoring System: OMBC will be adopting the NUE Scoring system. First place equals one point, second place two points, etc., Lowest points wins the series. This decision was the result of your request that we simplify the points system to make it easier to know where you stand.  As a result, we will now be able to post BOTH the results and the standings at each race so you know exactly where you stand. 

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Mohican Cabins Course Condition Update: Tuesday, March 11
Posted on: 12 Mar 2014
Please do not pre-ride the private Mohican Cabins and Mohican Wilderness Trails. All trails there are located on private property and snow has just melted leaving trails soft and muddy. The course has not been cleared. Work will begin next Wednesday for anyone that would like to come out and help. 

The Good News is that early indications today mean the March 22 Season Opener is likely to happen. Final determination will be made when clearing begins. Stay tuned here for the latest!

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Tentative Schedule Changes
Posted on: 11 Feb 2014

Based on Feedback from OMBC racers to our Tentative Schedule, ON February 11, tentative race dates for Tecumseh's Revenge and AC/DC Dam Challenge were changed from Saturday to Sunday in an effort to balance the overall race schedule Sat. vs Sun. There are now 5 races scheduled on Sunday and 6 on Saturday.

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