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Mohican Championship Postponed until Sunday
Posted on: 3 Oct 2014

The Mohican Championship Race has been postponed until Sunday

To allow trails to dry out from rain on Friday. Looks like dry weather tomorrow which should make the trails nice n tacky on Sunday, the way we like them here. (;

All race times will be the same

Smokin' Bros BBQ is back so bring a few extra shekels for some award winning BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork with with other tasty options from Smokin' Bros. Check out their reviews at Yelp

Great Lakes Brews are included with your entry: At least for those over 21 (;

Coke and Water are also available

Featured draft bews picked up fresh from the Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland.

October Fest

Gold Medal Award winning Dortmunder Gold




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Waffo Food Vendor cancels
Posted on: 27 Sep 2014

The Waffo food vendor that has been at the race for the last two years cancelled without notice. OMBC is looking for a new vendor but it is highly unlikely given short notice. Please bring your own food. However, we will have ice cold Coke and Water for race finishers. OMBC will seek a new Vendor for the 2015 Race.

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