WVMBA Marietta Brewing Company Challenge at Mountwood
Posted on: 18 Feb 2013

Marietta Brewing Company Challenge At Mountwood

Presented by the River Valley Mountain Bike Association
Waverly, West Virginia

OMBC #1 and WVMBA Series #2


The 2018 Season pits The West Virginia and Ohio Race Series in this dual points challenge.

2017 Race Report by Quickdirt

The Challenge at Mountwood will be managed entirely by the West Virginia Mountain Bike Association. All rules and conditions of the WVMBA Race Series will apply. All racers will receive both WVMBA and OMBC Series points. WVMBA will provide OMBC with the results that will be worth OMBC Race Series points.

The next dual points Challenge will take place on July 29 at "Race to the Hills" at Lake Hope.

OHIO RACERS: Unlike the OMBC Race Series, which requires no license, please note that WVMBA requires the following to race:
One-day WVMBA membership is $5
One-day USAC membership is $5 (If you already hold a valid USAC license, you will only pay the $5 WVMBA fee)
One-year WVMBA membership is $30

OMBC RACE PLATES: OMBC Racers will not be allowed to use their OMBC number plates. However, there will be NO additional cost for use of a WVMBA number plate on race day.

Racers are encouraged to register online to avoid same day registration lines. You will be asked to choose a WVMBA AND an OMBC division to avoid confusion about where to assign points. Racers must leave with their correct division or face disqualification. However, wave starts have been set up to match your chosen West Virginia and Ohio divisions.

Register HERE Online Registration Will Open
Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 at 12:15 AM ET
Online Registration is open through April 6

WVMBA Facebook Event link
10AM Youth Race 12 and under, No entry fee
Entry FEE: Pre-registered $32 plus $10 one day license fee = $42
Race Day Registration: $45
Sport and Beginner Juniors: $20
OMBC Division Champions: Comp entries may NOT
be used at this race but can be used at ALL OTHER OMBC Series races.
Number Plates: WVMBA has offered to loan Ohio racers a temporary
WVMBA plate just for this race rather than charging for it.
OMBC plates may not be used at this race but may be used at all other
OMBC Series races.
For more information: 

Race Director: Shane Brabham: email: sb29er@yahoo.com
Phone: 304-210-5274

Location: 1014 Volcano Rd, Waverly, West Virginia 26184

Mountwood Park is
located approximately 12 miles east of Parkersburg, WV (and I-77), on US Route
50 at Volcano Road.

Mountwood Park
(Address) Rt. 2, Box 56, Waverly, WV 26184
(Phone) 304-679-3611, (fax) 304-679-3612 (web) www.mountwoodpark.org

Facilities: *Camping rates will be discounted for
racers! Showers are available. The campground features 81 sites ranging from full RV
hook-up with electric and water, to primitive tent sites. Call (304) 679-3611.

The Race

2017 RACE PREVIEW by Quickdirt

The beginner and sport courses will be the same as the 2014.

The expert course will have a new addition for 2015: the return of Warrior Ridge!

All classes will start from the marina parking lot at HIGH NOON
Expert ~22 miles
Sport ~13 miles
Beginner ~7 miles

A FREE skills clinic will begin at 10am. The youngins can hone their skills riding over an assortment of obstacles in the non-competitive event.
A FREE race will begin at 11am. Let ‘em get a taste in this short (~5min) race with coaching and support available.

The Venue
Mountwood Park is located approximately 12 miles east of Parkersburg, WV on US 50. The 2600-acre park offers 30+ miles of trail, most of which is singletrack. If you’ve ridden at Mountwood, you know that these are some of the most well maintained trails in the state. The trails are well packed and hold up great no matter the weather. Check the website for cabins, campsites, and more info.


Extra Motivation
Tshirts are guaranteed for the first 200 registrants
A delicious post-race meal will be provided
Free primitive camping available in the clearing next to the registration shelter
Cash and prize table is among the best in the series


All classes: Will depart / start from the marina parking lot as always. Riders proceed up the road toward the sewage treatment plant where they will go left on Walter Taitt Trail (wide gravel fire road). Riders will follow Walter Taitt Trail approximately 1.8 miles almost to the end of Walter Taitt Trail where they will go left onto the connector trail to Caretaker Trail. Within 100 feet riders go left on Caretaker Trail and ride back toward 4 Corners. At 4 Corners, riders will veer right up Minnehaha Trail.

Riders follow Minnehaha Trail all the way to the top of the hill. When riders enter the power line for the second time onto Power Line Trail they will go to the right (nearly straight through) and follow Power Line Trail back toward 4 Corners again. After riders go through a big dip in the hill and climb the next grade, they will go left onto an old portion of Mansion Trail and then within 200 feet will go left again and onto Hunters Roost Trail where they will follow Hunters Roost Trail to Power Line Trail. After fading into Powerline Trail, take it out into the actual powerline right of way. Follow Power Line trail toward the fenced power substation. (Water Stop).

Beginner Split: All Sport and Expert classes will stay right at the intersection of Haystack Trail and continue past the substation (First water stop) and head for White Oak Ridge Trail (see below).

Beginners will go left onto Haystack Trail, take Haystack Trail to Log Jam Trail where they will go left onto Log Jam and follow it to Collar Bone Trail. They will go right onto Collar Bone and follow it out to Walter Taitt Trail and then back toward the parking lot on the blacktop road they started on. In the parking lot riders will go to the right of Cabin (Museum) across the bridge along the creek, across the second bridge and to the finish line. (A fraction over 7 miles).

Sport and Expert: After going past water stop, riders will cross Volcano Road onto White Oak Ridge Trail. Follow White Oak Ridge Trail to the blacktop road and onto Gary's Grind. After the long downhill on Gary's Grind riders will go right, across a bridge and onto Little Gnarly Trail. Near the end of Little Gnarly Trail, just before the boardwalk and after the very tight downhill switchbacks, riders will go right onto the newly completed Savanna Around the Moon Trail. This trail will climb past the old tennis courts, cross games road and drop down a steep into the old picnic area before climbing up to the gravel road that takes you up to the Moon. At the top of the hill watch for the trail to go right. Riders go down off the Moon and dive back into the woods following this newest addition back where it drops down through a couple switchbacks and a short steep section where they will go right onto Trip To The Moon Trail. Riders follow Trip to the Moon Trail to Copperhead Trail and do nearly the entire Copperhead Loop. About ••• the way around Copperhead Loop the Course Splits. (Copperhead at Ratsnake).

Sport Classes : Will take a hard left, staying on Copperhead, and follow it out to the road near the Marina Parking Lot. Go across the road into the parking lot (be careful of vehicle traffic), go left in the Marina Parking Lot and stay to the right of the cabin (Museum), across a bridge, then another and on to the finish line. Total approx. 13 miles.

Expert Classes : Will go right at onto Rat Snake Trail and ride around to the gravel road that comes out on Volcano Road near the park maintenance building and proceed around by the torpedo, past the 2nd water stop, and onto what we refer to as the Indian trails, Tecumseh, Medicine Man and Tomahawk Trails.

Riders will follow Tecumseh Trail till it comes back out on Lake Trail where they will ride to the yellow gate and turn hard right just before the yellow gate and go across the wooden bridge and follow Lake Trail toward the dam to the first entrance to Medicine Man Trail. Take Medicine Man Trail to right up a long climb and follow it all the way around. At the intersection with Tomahawk Trail, riders will go right off Medicine Man (nearly straight through) and into a tight downhill right switchback and onto Tomahawk. Rider will then take a right onto Warrior Ridge (new for this year), which will end back on Tomahawk, where a right turn is required. Riders will follow Lake Trail to a point where Lake Trail goes left and 4 Corners Trail goes straight. Rider will exit left, staying on Lake Trail (where the sport riders exited last year) and continue around Lake Trail till it comes out on the blacktop road. Follow the blacktop road back to the parking lot where you will stay to the right, go to the right of the Cabin (Museum) across a bridge, then another and on to the finish. Total approx. 22 miles.

2015 Challenge at Mountwood WVMBA Race Series Results


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•2012 Kid Results: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fQYY9gc_ZkbEA5eW1EAGD8jm59bafGVnuKBhI1jpBSg/edit?pli=1

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