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Grand Barn Race Cancelled
Posted on: 20 Mar 2020

Grand Barn Race Cancelled: Due to statewide restrictions to gatherings, the Grand Barn Race has been cancelled. All Racers who had already registered received the choice a credit towards an upcoming event or a full refund.      

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Reviews from the 2019 Mohican Trail Run
Posted on: 5 Feb 2020

Great Experience
"This was my first 50 miler Ultra Race and what a breathtaking course. I live in SF and was nervous about the weather that could have been on race day but it turned out better than I could have asked for. It is hilly and but that’s to be expected. I’d recommend this race for anyone."
Top Tips:
Make sure to grab snack at the side stations. You may not be hungry right when passes but it good to keep snack on hand.
Julianne O'Hara
San Francisco, California

Review for Mohican 100 Mile, 50 Mile and Marathon Runs in Loudonville, Ohio
50 mile
"This was a wonderfully organized race with super friendly volunteers. The aid stations had a plethora of snacks and healthy choices. It made the race even more enjoyable. Thanks everyone"
Top Tips:
No tips needed keep up the good work
Ashley Cearbaugh
Etna-Troy, Indiana

Review for Mohican 100 Mile, 50 Mile and Marathon Runs in Loudonville, Ohio
Great tough race
"This race is truly a hike through the Ohio wilderness. A lot hillier than any other race I have done in Ohio and despite not having any super long climbs, is pretty comparable to some other races I've done out west. Felt like this whole race was up and down in varying degrees of incline."
Top Tips:
Prepare yourself, the aid stations are a little far apart in the second half of the loop.
Eric Geyer
Cleveland, Ohio

Review for Mohican 100 Mile, 50 Mile and Marathon Runs in Loudonville, Ohio
Fabulous Trail Race
"The Mohican was an amazing experience! The trails were absolutely gorgeous, even in the torrential downpour that came during the night. The course was marked well and the aid stations were well stocked and volunteers were so encouraging and supportive. I loved the hot chocolate and potato soup during the night! The medical team and podiatrist team at the finish line were incredible and took the best care of you. Definitely a repeat race!"
Top Tips:
The weather changes quickly. Bring extra clothes
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