Get Fit Naturally
Posted on: 30 Dec 2012

 “Get Fit Naturally” At Ohio State Parks

With America facing an obesity crisis, OMBC has teamed up with Ohio State Parks and mountain bike clubs that make up 1000+ registered members of the Ohio Mountain Bike Association, along with the Ohio Chapter of the Spoke Junkies to help promote the “Get Fit Naturally” Program, a series of free non-competitive rides designed to encourage the public to walk, ride or run at Ohio State Parks.

  • All “Get Fit” rides are FREE to the public
  • No experience necessary
  • Recreational riders of all ages and skill levels are welcome
  • Ride at your own pace, no one is left behind
  • Most rides will begin at 11am unless otherwise stated


In addition to promoting physical fitness in a fun atmosphere, “Get Fit Naturally” emphasizes that this is a program that entire families can participate in together.


Ohio State Parks are the perfect recreational venues for families. And with the ‘Get Fit Naturally’ program we can encourage adults, teens and youngsters to have fun together and improve their physical fitness,” Dan West, former Chief of Ohio State Parks


The mission of the “Get Fit Naturally” program is to help raise public awareness about the importance of living a healthier lifestyle and highlight the growing opportunities and trail access at Ohio State Parks. Our goal is also to introduce the public to recreational mountain biking and mountain bike racing through a series of competitive and non-competitive events for all ages. 


Anyone may participate in the group mountain bike ride, run, or walk led by host clubs on designated mountain bike trails. Many of these events will be followed by official OMBC mountain bike races/festivals that are open to the public.


This years Get Fit schedule will include several stops at Ohio State Parks. 


What should I bring?


If you are a biker, you will need a mountain bike, helmet, water bottle or camelback. You may wish to bring a snack since rides can vary in length, depending on your ability and fitness level. You may also wish to wear bike gloves to protect your hands, sun glasses or other protective eyewear, a jacket and a spare bicycle tube. Runners and Walkers are also welcome.


What if I’ve never ridden before?


First time mountain bikers are welcome and this is a perfect time to get started since rides are led by experienced mountain bikers who know the trails and can help you get started. Most club led rides will follow a well marked OMBC race course.


What is the cost?


That’s the best part! “Get Fit Naturally” group rides are free to the public  


Who are the Spokejunkies?


The Spokejunkies are a group of fun-loving yet serious recreational riders. Members range in age from 16 (the group-imposed minimum unless accompanied by a riding parent) to, well, let's just say they're old enough that they'd rather we not say. From blue collar shift workers to PhD-toting psychologists, theSpokejunkies appeal to all with one common factor, the quest for a great ride and a good time. They offer the beginner a forum to ride in a large group while learning valuable information from more experienced riders.


What happens on a “Get Fit” ride?


On the day of a ride, we meet in a designated parking site at the trailhead to gear up. Bikes are tuned, group introductions are made and new members are welcomed. Then, we self-divide (depending on group size) into smaller groups by riding ability, faster riders toward the front, and slower riders to the rear.


Group leaders are given walkie-talkies to maintain contact during the ride (for directional assistance as well as for aid in case of emergency). When everyone is ready, we hit the trail.


What happens if I get a flat or need to stop for a break?


No one is left behind. Club riders all look out for one another and come to the aid of those needing assistance, with spare parts, extra water, and as much bike repair knowledge as they can collectively generate.


How far do you ride?


Distances vary by trail, but an average ride is between 10 to 15 miles. At the end of most rides, club members head to a local favorite eatery to refuel themselves and rehash stories of amazing riding feats.




2019 Ride Schedule coming soon


2018 Ride Schedule:

Date                                        Location:                                             City                


APRIL 27 (SAT)                    MOHICAN STATE PARK               LOUDONVILLE






JUNE 22 (SAT)                      LAKE HOPE STATE PARK                        ATHENS                   







AUGUST 24 (SAT)                DILLON STATE PARK                   ZANESVILLE




SEPT 14 (SAT)                       ALUM CREEK STATE PARK        COLUMBUS



OCT 6 (SUN)                         MOHICAN STATE PARK               LOUDONVILLE



Check back for additional ride dates and locations

Join us at one or more FREE events and

“Get Fit Naturally” at Ohio State Parks!